Octiles Deluxe Edition Game – Vintage 1984


Octiles is an abstract game. The game set includes 18 beautiful wooden board pieces, a vinyl board they fit on, 16 lucite “stops” with felt padding, 20 wooden “runners”, five each of four colors, four matching felt-padded “markers”, one of each color, and a rules booklet which includes rules for there different games plus 28 puzzles. Octiles is one of Kadon’s most acclaimed sets, repeatedly a Games 100 selection.  The 18 all-different wood tiles have four paths each. Players join the tiles to create routes across the board as their five “runners” race to the opposite side. Tiles move and paths change on every turn, creating a dynamic whirl of strategies.

This game is in excellent condition! This copy is a 1984 Kadon original, created by Dale Walton. Game board and pieces are all original, 100% complete, includes all original paperwork (rules, game extension/options for play).

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Goal: Get all your pieces across the board first (Like in Chinese Checkers)

Setup: Fill the board with 18 octagonal tiles(designating all the different permutations of connections between the 8 sides of a tile) starting face down, leaving one switch tile for exchanging.

Place up to 5 colored runners on their starting circles. A turn consists of: Replacing a tile with the “switch” tile, then move one runner across it, either across one tile, or until the path ends.
The board is beautifully made with colored felt holes designating the starting spaces. There are optional rules for solitaire, standard, and team play.

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Dimensions 12 × 5 × 2 in


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